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Join Cowboy & Cadillac for the ultimate blend of politics, economics, and culture on their YouTube channel. These God-fearing, gun-toting, free-market capitalists bring their unique and insightful perspectives to the forefront in their thought-provoking videos.

Podcast One

Cowboy & Cadillac are experts in the production and sales business. They have grown multiple businesses and successfully managed to establish a brand. Now they have decided to share their knowledge with all of you. Here are some tips on how to increase revenue. You will also learn how your production affects your sales and the do’s and dont’s. Stay tuned to their podcast every Friday. Business Podcast

Podcast TWo

Any successful business should have a system implemented in order to maintain consistency and quality control. Cowboy & Cadillac are experts on businesses in construction, restoration services, aviation, and real estate. Learn how to make the transition from employee/owner to just Owner.

Podcast three

Learn when and where to invest in your advertisement. Many businesses do not know their target market and waste their marketing budget on the wrong customers. Cowboy & Cadillac are here to teach where you should focus and how to invest that money properly. If you need help starting or managing a business, do not hesitate and contact us.

Podcast four

Part 1

Podcast Special: Interview with Colonel Perry Blackburn who served with the 5th Special Forces Group and participated on the events after 9/11 in Afghanistan. Blackburn talks about his military experience and some of the events that occurred after 9/11. He shared his story and the family struggle while he was deployed. He also explains how he was participant on the events that the movie 12 Strong showed.


Podcast four

 part 2

 he will talk more about his transition from the military to the civilian life and how he became a business owner and how the current political events will affect his industry. Special Thank you to The Bad Monkey staff for allowing us to record this podcast in their location.


Podcast five

Cowboy and Cadillac are God-fearing, Gun-toting, Free Market capitalists. Today we wanted to show why we are Gun Totem and how much we love our second amendment and our right to bear arms. Here is a list of some of the guns we shot in this video. Kriss Vector SDP – 10mm, Smith and Wesson 500 – .50 Cal, FN Five-Seven – 5.7 x28mm, Sig Sauer P320 – 9mm, Glock 22 .40 Cal, Glock 37 – .45 Gap, Raging Judge 513, Glock 19 – 9mm

Podcast six

On this podcast, we are going to interview Cowboy and he is going to talk about his beginnings and what got him started in Business.

Podcast seven

Cadillac opened his storybook and talked about his past. Learn how he was supposed to be a pastor, and suddenly, life changed, and he decided to become a business owner instead.

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